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January 4, 2017
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The Problem with Possums

You hear some hissing and thumping of clicking little feet in your ceiling with occasional growls and screeches.  Could there be some possums in your home?

Trav’s Trees Possum Banding Service has you covered with a safe way to stop possum from destroying your foliage and eating your fruit.

The common brushtail possum is probably Australia’s most familiar marsupial. They are highly adaptable to human and natural environments and they prefer living in the forest usually nesting in tree hollows. But they also like living with us humans in the warmth of ceiling and building recesses. Their favourite spot is between the ceiling and roof which causes problems to homeowners. But possums can cause damage to trees as well, as they look for food. They love to eat leaves, buds, flowers and fruits making it difficult to stop a very hungry possum. It can be exasperating to see your trees losing precious leaves all because of an unwanted guest.

Under the National Parks and Wildlife Act, all possums are protected, therefore, it is illegal to harm or kill one if you are not licensed to do so. Even the catching of a possum is illegal if you do not have a license. If not properly checked, possums will ruin your home’s roof, your precious garden and your prized plants.

If you suspect that you have a grazing possum, have it inspected by an expert so that proper action can be taken.

Limiting possum access

Here are a few control measures on what can be done to limit possums from damaging your property:

  1. First of all, a licensed arborist needs to determine the possum population and the effected areas. He will also determine the possums’ sources of food such as scarps and open rubbish bins.
  2. The arborist will find out whether lopping is necessary to remove possible access of possums to buildings.
  3. There is a need to limit possum movement along public utility lines.
  4. You could have experts install possum bands or guards around the tree trunks and possibly major branches.

What is Possum Banding?

Possum bands are installed on trees to restrict these animals from climbing trunks and branches and prevent overgrazing. These bands may also be placed on nearby trees. If one has an unwanted visitor, most likely, the surrounding trees must also be banded to prevent possums from transferring to another. Bands can also be placed on tree branches to prevent possums from accessing nearby buildings or houses.

Trav’s Tree Services install possum bands made from a colour bond sheet or from poly-carbonate material. These are very durable materials that are tested through weather exposure. Upon installation, we will do regular maintenance as your trees grow.

Stop possums from damaging your trees and property. Get a possum band now to encourage possums to find food somewhere else. Call 1800 165 405 or email us at for a quote today!

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