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Possum Tree Guards
Trav's Tree Services
Trav's Tree Services
January 3, 2018
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Do You Have A Possum Problem?

One common problem tree owners have constantly complained about is the problem of possums. These marsupials have a habit of finding shelter in the homes of people and their favourite spot is in the crawl space between your ceiling and roof.

They gain access to this area from nearby trees, especially if these trees are close to your building. The Australian brushtail possum is particularly adept to surviving on a strict diet of leaves, buds, flowers, and fruits. They are also highly adaptable creatures and have no problem taking refuge in your home albeit without your permission.

These animals are known to be destructive to both your tree and property, and having a possum running back and forth in your crawl space at night can cause extreme discomfort. However, as much as you would like to get rid of these pesky animals, they are protected under the Australian National Park Wildlife Act and you cannot capture, harm, or kill one except you are licensed to do so.

Solve Your Possum Problem with Possum Tree Guards

Trav’s Tree Services have an effective way of dealing with your possum problem without violating any condition under the National Park Wildlife Act. This highly effective solution is known as tree banding or the use of possum tree guards. It is an efficient way to protect your tree from over grazing and also to stop possums from gaining access to your property from surrounding trees.

How Does It Work?

Our licensed arborists will assess your property and the surrounding area to identify the possible routes for the possums, the possible possum population and their likely food source, such as; exposed trash cans and scraps. We will also explore other solutions to prevent possums from having access to your property before recommending the use of tree banding; lopping of your tree is another way of regulating unwanted access.

However, several trees surrounding your property may provide the possums with an easy means of moving to and from your property. In this case, it would be advisable to have possum tree guards installed. Our tree bands are made from polycarbonate material or a colourbond sheet and are installed on the trunk and branches of your tree and also on other trees that may surround your property. These tree guards are highly durable and resistant to the elements, they will help ward off possums and keep them from gaining access to your property, and as your tree grows, we will also carry out periodic maintenance of the bands to ensure that they remain effective.

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