Christmas Trading Dates: Office Closes Friday December 17th. Open Monday January 10th.
Our office is closed from 3pm Wednesday 22nd Dec and will be reopening Monday 9th Jan.
Christmas Trading Dates: Office Closes Friday December 17th. Open Monday January 10th.
Our office is closed from 3pm Wednesday 22nd Dec and will be reopening Monday 9th Jan.

Discover our initiatives to leave the world better than we found it

We’re committed to sustainability

We protect our thriving, diverse Australian ecosystem

We can foster biodiverse spaces at your site

Australia’s unique flora and fauna are our nation’s pride. But they are under threat. We don’t accept that residential and commercial spaces need to be in contention with nature, which is why we’ve developed a suite of services to protect your site's biodiversity and foster new green spaces across Victoria.

Our habitat creation and veteran tree protection services give you greener alternatives to tree removal. You can let us create new, neat, safe habitats on your site or relocate stumps and debris to alternative areas.

We’re on the lookout for environmentally conscious partners

We believe the best way to support our sustainability efforts is to partner with like-minded initiatives and charities. This is why we’ve begun to develop relationships with the Wilderness Society and Ronald McDonald House Charities.

As for our clients, we hope to be the green partner you’ve longed to find by offering you alternatives to the habitat destruction that often results from tree removal. Sustainability is a team effort; help us help you help nature.

Sustainability initiatives and charities we support


Our sustainability services

Habitat creation

Our habitat creation service aims to repurpose tree branches, trunks and stumps into new homes for local wildlife. Whatever state your problem tree is in (dead, dying or overgrown), chances are it’s home to flocks of birds, possums, bats, sugar gliders, bees and more. 

By creating new habitats for these animals, your site, staff and clients can benefit from healthy biodiversity without the threat of falling branches or the clutter of stumps and other detritus.

Tree protection

We offer a range of services to protect and make veteran trees safe. Veterans are old-growth trees that have lived for decades — maybe even over a century. They’re extremely precious, not only for their age and natural beauty, but as historical and cultural markers of a community.

Through cable and rod bracing, dynamic bracing and support fabrication, we can help your older trees stand tall for decades. If they’re alive, we can help them thrive; if they’re dead, we can lop dangerous branches to turn them into significant monuments.

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Customer service

Trusted by councils

Our expertise is trusted by residential estates, businesses and councils across Melbourne.



We keep our prices competitive and transparent. Sustainability doesn’t have to cost a branch and a leg.


Fully insured

Our work is secured by multi-million dollar insurance policies and strict safety standards.

Customer service

Prompt and reliable

We work smart and hard with rapid response times and efficient on-site operations. 

Clean up

No mess

We’ll clear your site of all detritus and waste before you leave, keeping it neat, tidy and safe.

Trav’s team in action

The best way to understand what we do is to see how we do it. With careful planning, on-site safety assessments and our teammates watching our backs, we’ll always find the safest and most efficient way to care for a tree.

Clients we have worked with


Our Certificates of Currency

Download our up-to-date insurance policies, certificates and safety procedures. 

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