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Tree removal permits

How to get council approval to remove a tree

Trav’s Tree’s specialists will help you assess your trees against your local council regulations and submit a detailed, completed application. Get in touch, and we’ll send our arborists over to begin the assessment.

Applying to your local council for a tree removal permit

Victoria’s Tree Protection Bylaw clearly states when tree removal permits should be issued. But local councils are responsible for administering that process. Most tree removal applications tend to be relatively straightforward. However, they do require strict attention to detail on your part to ensure they meet the approval criteria and abide by tree protection laws.

Your local council’s website will host an application portal for a tree removal permit, where it will explain the process, offer downloadable forms and allow you to submit the final application.

Trav’s Trees can help you complete your council’s applications. Below, we’ve listed some of the major councils we work with. Don’t worry if your council isn’t on the list — no matter where you live, we’ll gladly work with you to get your application the process running smoothly.

Why do I need to apply for a tree removal permit?

Victoria’s tree preservation laws are designed to protect our state’s gorgeous flora and the animals that need them to survive. Our laws protect trees from removal based on their native status or the rarity of the tree species, and even based on the heritage value they have to a particular location. Some old-growth trees, for example, are regarded as culturally significant by locals.

Tree pruning and removal permits allow councils to ensure that vulnerable and significant trees are protected, and also that trees that do need to be removed are done so safely.

Can you remove a tree without a council permit?

We wouldn’t recommend it. If you remove a protected or native tree without gaining your council’s approval, even if it’s on your private property, they’ll slap you with hefty fines. They’ll also impose those fines on any tree surgeons who do the job without securing approval.

Council fines for removing trees without a permit can be quite high; lower fines can sit at around $3,000.

We recommend hiring a qualified arborist to assess your tree and apply for a permit.

Are there any trees that you can remove without a council permit?

No — but there are situations where your council is highly likely to approve your permit application without much resistance. These include when the tree is:

  • Dead, fallen or significantly damaged
  • A fire hazard, especially if it is near a structure
  • A damage risk to property (e.g. if its branches extend over your roof)
  • An invasive species
  • Infected with pests or riddled with disease

What we offer

Do you have dead, dangerous, or unwanted trees on your site? Or maybe a neighbour's tree limbs are overhanging your yard? At Trav's Tree Services, we have a range of tree care solutions to suit both residential and commercial sites.

From tree pruning and hedge trimming to stump grinding and planting advice, our qualified arborists can help you. We bring all our own equipment and machinery to every job, and while we're on-site, we're happy to answer any questions you have.

Think you might need a permit?

Our veteran arborists and safety-qualified tree surgeons know precisely what information local councils need to approve a tree removal permit. Leave us your details, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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How to get a permit

Contact us

Call us, or send us a photo of the tree in question. We can also check if it's a protected tree or not.

Apply for the permit

Lodge your application according to your council's guidelines.

Get a quote

If your application is approved, we can perform an on-site evaluation and give you a comprehensive quote of our services.

Do the job

We’ll schedule a convenient time to come down and remove your unwanted tree.

Site clean up

We’ll shred and remove the remains of the tree, leaving your site cleaner than when we arrived.

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