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Monash council tree removal

How to remove a tree in Monash council

If you want to get rid of a dead, dangerous, or unwanted tree in Monash council, you may need to get a tree removal permit.

Applying for a tree removal permit

Send us an enquiry, and we'll find out whether or not you need a permit.

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Obtaining a tree removal permit in Monash council

You'll need to get a removal permit if your tree lies within a Vegetation Protection Overlay (VPO) area, and meets the below requirements:

  • Has a circumference greater than 500 mm (160 mm diameter) and is 1200 mm above ground level
  • Is higher than 10 metres

however, if your tree presents an immediate risk of personal injury or damage to your property, you can partially prune the tree.

Hire a professional

As per council advice, always hire a professional to perform your tree services. If you prune too much of the tree, or damage the tree in the process, you may be issued a fine or face legal action.

At Trav's Tree Services, we have years of experience in obtaining tree removal permits, and performing the appropriate service in a safe and efficient way. Contact us if you need to remove a tree with the council's permission.

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Need a swift response?

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Work to your budget

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you remove a tree without a permit?

If your tree lies outside of a VPO area. And if it does lie within a VPO area, you can override the need for a permit if the tree is dead or presents an immediate risk of personal injury or damage to property. We can also remove a tree if it's on the exempt tree list.

Which trees are on Monash council's exempt list?

We can remove these types of trees without a council permit:

  • All types of Willow
  • Radiata Pine
  • Monterey Pines
  • Sweet Pittosporum
  • Evergreen Alders
  • Desert Ashes

How do I apply for a tree removal permit?

We can help you apply for a tree removal permit. Let us know the location of the site, and what kind of tree you have, and we'll let you know if you need a permit for it. If you don't know what kind of tree it is, take a photo, and our expert arborists will identify the species.

Why are there rules about tree removal in Monash Council?

The areas within Monash council jurisdiction are divided into five neighbourhood characters. Within each neighbourhood character, there are various tree species and types, some of which are heritage trees planted in the pre-Second World War era. To avoid losing these trees, the council came up with regulatory guidelines.

Any questions?

If you want to learn more about tree permits, or our other services, get in touch.

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