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Trav's Tree Services offers premium weed tree services, specialising in the efficient and environmentally friendly removal of invasive and unwanted trees, shrubs, and plants. With a dedicated team of certified arborists and professionals, we bring years of expertise and a commitment to preserving the natural landscape while performing effective weed tree removal, maintenance, and more. 

Tree removal specialist trimming a privet tree

Privet tree

Privet trees are hardy, fast-growing shrubs or small trees widely known for their dense foliage and adaptability to various environmental conditions. While they are often used as ornamental privet hedges, these trees can become invasive, displacing native vegetation and altering local ecosystems. Our dedicated team of experts specialises in the careful removal and management of privet trees. 

  • Privet tree removal 
  • Pruning of privet trees 
  • Privet hedge trimming 
  • Dead stump removal 
  • Privet tree mulching
  • Privet tree maintenance 

With our commitment to environmentally friendly practices and a deep understanding of privet tree biology, we provide effective and sustainable solutions to help restore the beauty and health of your outdoor spaces. Turn to Trav's Tree Services to regain control over your landscape and enjoy a more vibrant and balanced environment without overgrown hedges.

Ash tree

Ash trees are iconic deciduous trees known for their tall, straight trunks and distinctive compound leaves. They are valuable to many natural landscapes and urban environments, providing shade and aesthetic beauty. However, ash trees have faced a significant threat in recent years, meaning regular maintenance is essential. 

Our dedicated ash tree services are designed to preserve and protect these valuable trees. We offer comprehensive solutions, including preventative treatments, ash tree inspection, and, if necessary, expert tree removal and disposal, all carried out with the utmost care and environmental responsibility.

Ash tree services
  • Ash tree removal
  • Ash tree pruning
  • Ash hedge trimming 
  • Ash stump removal 
  • Ash tree mulching
  • Ash tree maintenance 

Mirror Bush 

Mirror bush trees are evergreen shrubs or small trees native to regions with mild climates. These attractive plants are popular for their glossy, mirror-like leaves, which come in various shades of green and can add a striking element to landscapes. Mirror bush trees are known for their durability and resistance to adverse growing conditions. However, even with their low-maintenance qualities, these trees will benefit from care services.

  • Mirror bush removal 
  • Mirror bush pruning
  • Mirror bush trimming
  • Mirror bush stump removal 
  • Mirror bush mulching 
  • Mirror bush maintenance 

Whether you require regular upkeep or specific care for your mirror bush trees, our dedicated services are tailored to meet your landscaping needs, ensuring your outdoor environment retains its charm and vitality.

Pruned bush going through the mulcher

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Cotoneaster trees are a diverse group of ornamental shrubs and small trees valued for their attractive, shiny green foliage and vibrant berries. These versatile plants are commonly used in landscaping due to their resilience and adaptability to different environmental conditions. We provide a range of care services for cotoneaster trees. 

  • Cotoneaster tree removal 
  • Cotoneaster pruning 
  • Cotoneaster trimming 
  • Cotoneaster stump removal
  • Cotoneaster mulching 
  • Cotoneaster planting and maintenance    

Whether you have a single tree or an entire grove, our arborists possess the knowledge and experience to care for these versatile plants, helping them thrive and serve as a focal point of your landscape. Trust in Trav's Tree Services to keep your cotoneaster trees in prime condition.


Prunus trees are a diverse and globally appreciated group of flowering trees and shrubs. These ornamental trees are celebrated for their exquisite blossoms, which vary in colour and shape depending on the species or variety. Prunus trees offer a spectacular springtime display, making them popular choices for gardens, parks, and landscapes worldwide. To keep their stunning appearance, prunus trees require particular care services.

Whether you're looking to maintain a thriving orchard or simply want to maximise the aesthetic appeal of your garden, Trav's Tree Services is your trusted partner for prunus tree care, creating a visually stunning and fruitful environment. 

Prunus tree services

  • Prunus tree removal 
  • Prunus tree pruning 
  • Prunus hedge trimming
  • Prunus stump removal
  • Prunus mulching
  • Prunus planting and maintenance


Oleander trees are popular ornamental shrubs or small trees renowned for their striking, evergreen foliage and showy, trumpet-shaped flowers. These plants are valued for their ability to add vibrant colours to gardens and landscapes, with blossoms that come in various shades, such as pink, red, white, and yellow. However, oleander trees can be toxic and require special care and handling from professionals. 

  • Oleander tree removal
  • Oleander tree pruning
  • Oleander hedge trimming
  • Oleander stump removal 
  • Oleander mulching
  • Oleander maintenance 

Whether you need routine maintenance or specific care for your oleander trees, our dedicated services are designed to ensure their health and visual splendour. Trust Trav's Tree Services to keep your oleander trees flourishing while mitigating potential risks, creating a stunning and secure outdoor space.

Tree specialist taking a photo of a weed tree

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore common questions and concerns about our services to help you better understand the importance of managing and caring for weed trees on your property.

When is weed tree removal necessary?

Weed tree removal becomes necessary when unwanted or invasive tree species begin to disrupt the natural balance of your landscape. This can occur when these trees aggressively outcompete native flora, damage other plants, pose a safety risk or negatively impact the aesthetic and ecological quality of your outdoor environment. Identifying the need for weed tree removal is often essential to preserve the health and vitality of your property.

How to prune weed trees?

Pruning weed trees involves selectively trimming back branches and new shoots to control their growth and minimise their impact on your landscape. To begin, identify the specific weed tree species you want to prune and ensure you have the right tools, including sharp pruning shears. Start by removing dead or diseased branches, then selectively trim back new growth, taking care not to cut too close to the trunk or root system. Regular maintenance and monitoring are key to preventing weed trees from becoming a problem. 

What is included in weed tree care and maintenance?

Weed tree care and maintenance typically includes several essential tasks, such as regular inspection to identify invasive species and early intervention. Pruning and shaping are commonly performed to control their growth and appearance. Plus, regular monitoring and possibly replanting with native species are crucial elements in preserving your landscape's health and aesthetics while minimising the impact of weed trees. Contact Trav’s Tree Services today for professional weed tree care services.

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