Christmas Trading Dates: Office Closes Friday December 17th. Open Monday January 10th.
Our office is closed from 3pm Wednesday 22nd Dec and will be reopening Monday 9th Jan.

We're still open during COVID-19

We wanted to provide you with an update about the plans we have in place, to ensure we can continue to provide our quality services to our customers with a high level of safety in place.

Our teams

  • We have implemented high levels of hygiene across our vehicles, office and equipment.
  • All necessary precautions are in place to ensure the safety of all our staff during this time.
  • Where possible our office personnel are working from home.
  • Equipment has been allocated to individual teams with strict cleaning protocols adhered to every day.

Our process

During this time we can continue to provide our professional services to you, while following and implementing all COVID-19 advice.

  • We will perform our quotes with zero contact.
  • Our team will continue to call ahead to to notify you of our arrival.
  • Our arborists will perform the quote with a safe distance of 2 metres between them and yourself.
  • Alternatively, if you do not feel comfortable with this, we can complete the quote in your garden while you stay in the safety of your house. Communication can then be done via phone.
  • Our jobs will be performed with zero contact.
  • Our team will continue to call ahead to to notify you of our arrival.
  • Our professional teams will complete their jobs in your garden, with no contact to you and your family or your house.


  • Payment will be taken over the phone.
  • Alternatively if cash is preferred please advise and we will co-ordinate this.

During this uncertain time we really appreciate your support and thank you for your patience.

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