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Use possum banding to protect your trees

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Possum Tree Guards
Trav's Tree Services
Trav's Tree Services
April 14, 2021
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Solve your possum problem with possum tree guards

One common problem tree owners have constantly complained about is the problem of possums. These marsupials have a habit of finding shelter in the homes of people and their favourite spot is in the crawl space between your ceiling and roof.

You hear some hissing and thumping of clicking little feet in your ceiling with occasional growls and screeches. Could there be some possums in your home?

Our team at Trav's Tree Services has years of experience providing safe and expert tree solutions. Are your trees causing possum problems? Find out about how we can help with possum tree guards.

How do possums get into your crawl space?

The common brushtail possum is probably Australia’s most familiar marsupial. They are highly adaptable to human and natural environments and they prefer living in the forest usually nesting in tree hollows. But they also like living with us humans in the warmth of ceiling and building recesses.

They gain access to this area from nearby trees, especially if these trees are close to your building. The Australian brushtail possum is particularly adept to surviving on a strict diet of leaves, buds, flowers, and fruits.  It can be exasperating to see your trees losing precious leaves, all because of an unwanted guest.

How can you deal with possums?

Possums are known to be destructive to both your tree and property, and having a possum running back and forth in your crawl space at night can cause extreme discomfort and distress.

However, as much as you would like to get rid of these pesky animals, they are protected under the Australian National Park Wildlife Act. You cannot capture, harm, or kill one, unless you are licensed to do so.

Trav’s Trees has you covered with safe and legal ways to stop possums from destroying your foliage and eating your fruit. Our arborists can help with a number of steps:

  1. A licensed arborist can determine the size of the possum population and the affected areas. He can also determine the possums’ sources of food.
  2. The arborist will find out whether lopping is necessary to remove possible access to buildings.
  3. Steps can be taken to limit possum movement along public utility lines.
  4. You could have experts install possum bands or guards around the tree trunks, and possibly even major branches.

What is possum banding?

Possum bands are installed on trees to restrict animals from climbing trunks and branches. These bands may also be placed on nearby trees. If one has an unwanted visitor, most likely, the surrounding trees must also be banded to prevent possums from transferring to another tree. Bands can also be placed on tree branches to prevent possums from accessing nearby buildings or houses.

We can install bands made from a colour bond sheet, or from polycarbonate material. These tree guards are highly durable and resistant to the elements, and they will help ward off possums and keep them from gaining access to your property.

Is banding harmful to trees?

Some people harbour concerns that banding will be harmful to their trees. You don't need to worry: banding should not have a negative impact on your trees. As your tree grows, we will also carry out periodic maintenance of the bands to ensure that they remain effective. Banding is, after all, a measure taken to protect your trees and property, not to harm them.

How does it work?

Our licensed arborists will assess your property and the surrounding area to identify the possible routes for the possums, the possible possum population and their likely food source, such as; exposed trash cans and scraps. We will also explore other solutions to prevent possums from having access to your property before recommending the use of tree banding; lopping of your tree is another way of regulating unwanted access.

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