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What are the costs of tree removal?

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Tree removal
Trav's Tree Services
Trav's Tree Services
August 20, 2021
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Everything you need to know about how much it costs to remove a tree

Tree removal costs are influenced by a number of factors and cannot be summarised by one single number. The question of "how much does it cost to remove a tree?" must be answered with another question — "how long will it take to remove the tree?"

The length of time the tree removal process will take largely depends on 6 main factors:

  1. The size of the tree
  2. The species of the tree
  3. The location of the tree on the property
  4. What is surrounding or below the tree
  5. What covers the ground or surface near the base of the tree
  6. Externals costs and other variables

The only way to give an accurate quote for tree removal is to have a full understanding of the factors above.

[content_aside]If you are looking to have one, several, or many trees removed, get in touch with Trav's Trees for an accurate tree removal quote.[/content_aside]

How much does tree removal cost?

tree removal cost

In a nutshell, tree removal can cost anywhere between $300 and $20,000, depending on the size and type of the job. There are many factors that influence the cost of tree removal in Melbourne, which we will go into later on in this article.

Here is a rough guide to how much it costs to remove a single tree depending on size:

  • Small trees: between $400 and $1000
  • Medium trees: between $1000 and $2500
  • Large trees: between $2500 and $15000

For an accurate quote on tree removal costs, get in touch with Trav's Trees.

What affects tree removal costs?

There are several things that affect tree removal costs. Understanding these factors will determine the bottom line quote for tree removal at your property.

1. The specifications of the tree

Different species of trees will have different requirements for their removal. Some types of trees will only have a few branches, while others will have up to 5 times more branches and wood to process.

The more branches and the larger the tree, the longer a tree takes to remove. Larger trees pose unique safety and logistical considerations for arborists, including:

  • Longer and more aggressive cutting methods
  • More branches and stumps to process
  • A greater level of waste to remove

Trees with thorns or spikes, like date palms and coral trees, require extra care. Due to the safety considerations required, these can be some of the most expensive trees to remove.

Some trees, like Norfolk Island hibiscus or Plane trees, can cause skin allergies. Fibres or pollen from felled trees can cause debilitating breathing issues.

Finally, the general health of the tree should be considered before a quote is given. The health of the tree can be affected by rotting, weather damage, infestation, or structural interference from humans. Climbing is often necessary when removing trees, so the tree needs to be structurally sound to be move efficiently.

2. The conditions surround the tree

condition surrounding the tree

The site upon which the tree is located will have a significant part to play in gauging the timeframe for its removal. There are many things to consider when judging the suitability of the site for tree removal, including:

  • Vehicle access for wood chippers and trucks
  • Obstructions above or adjacent to the tree, like buildings and powerlines
  • Obstructions below the tree, like pools and sheds
  • Ground surface, like tiles or grass

Terrain can often pose challenges for tree removal. Uneven or hilly ground can make it difficult to access the tree and remove waste. It can also present safety risks, and require workers to take more breaks as they become fatigued.

3. External factors

Some factors cannot be controlled when normally assessing the costs of tree removal. For instance, things may happen on the day that affects the time it takes to remove trees, including adverse weather. Some weather events may even make remove trees on a particular day impossible, including:

  • Heavy rain and thunderstorms
  • High winds without any respite
  • Extreme heatwaves

As always, the onsite team will complete your tree removal job as quickly as possible, providing it is safe.

4. Other costs and variables

Finally, there are other costs and variables to consider when quoting for tree removal costs that may not be apparent from the outset.

Stump removal is a demanding process of removing the stump and some of the roots and the rest of the tree that can be included in the bottom line of your tree removal quote.

Tree removal generates a huge amount of green waste that needs to be disposed of responsibly before the job can be considered complete. If you aren't after firewood, then it may cost you to have the waste removed. There are some trees, like palms, that cost additional money to be disposed of.

Depending on where you live, you will likely have to adhere to rules and regulations on what trees can and cannot be removed. This will likely come in the form of a permit from your local city council, and may be expensive depending on the tree being removed.

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