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How to get it right the first time and avoid hefty fines

Many of us love our trees and what they do for our landscape and environment. Thing is, when it comes to needing to remove one, it can be confusing in knowing what you can and can't do legally. Whether you want to get rid of a tree alltogether, remove a stump or get an arborist report, it's downright difficult to know what to do and how to avoid being slapped with a hefty fine.

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The roots of Trav's Trees

Trav's Tree Services was established in 2010. From a small team of two mates and a truck/chipper, we grew into a family of nine.

We're made up of qualified arborists, experienced tree climbers, and expert groundsmen. No matter our job titles, each of us is passionate about trees.

We now provide tree services across Melbourne, to businesses as well as those living in private residences.


In this guide we are going to disucss
  • What you legally can and can’t do about removing trees and stumps
  • Tree removal permits and if you need them
  • Arborist reports
  • What can happen if you break tree removal laws
  • How to spot a protected tree and get a permit to remove it

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