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Maroondah council tree removal

How to apply for a tree removal permit

If you want to get rid of a dead, dangerous, or unwanted tree in Monash council, you may need to get a tree removal permit.

Applying for a tree removal permit

Send us an enquiry, and we'll find out whether or not you need a permit.

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Tree removal permits in Maroondah council

The Maroondah Planning Scheme has a number of overlay controls. Under the Scheme, a planning permit is needed if you want to remove:

  • A tree within a Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO) area (there are exemptions)
  • Native vegetation in a Vegetation Protection Overlay (VPO) area
  • Native vegetation from a property greater than 4,000 square metres
  • A tree under the Heritage Overlay (HO)
  • A tree under the Neighbourhood Character Overlay (NCO)

Obtaining a permit

Contact us, and we'll find out if your site falls under any of these Overlays. Let us know your address, and we'll look it up  in our system.

If you don't know what the tree's species is, send us a photo, and our expert arborists will identify which kind of tree it is.

Expert arborists

Expert arborists

Our qualified arborists have extensive horticultural knowledge.

Your site is protected

Your site is protected

We have up public liability cover of up to $20 million.

Planning for the future

Planning for the future

We offer preventative care measures, so your trees remain healthy.

Prompt and reliable

Prompt and reliable

We offer same-day services and site evaluations.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can you remove a tree without a permit?

You don't need to apply for a tree removal permit when:

  • You are complying with a formal Notice to Clear fire hazards specifically referring to trees or native vegetation
  • Clearance of electricity lines is required
  • You wish to prune a tree for regeneration or ornamental shaping

How do I apply for a permit if I want to do it on my own?

If you want to apply for a permit on your own, check tree or native vegetation removal application. If your permit is successfully approved, contact us, and we'll visit your site. We'll evaluate the tree in question.

Why are canopy trees so important?

Canopy trees (such as large deciduous shade trees, evergreens, and flowering fruit trees) are vital in urban areas. They:

  • Add beauty to a landscape
  • Help block unwanted views
  • Reduce the urban heat island effect by providing shade and shelter
  • Moderate wind and absorb pollutants
  • Provide habitat for wildlife and biodiversity
  • Support the sustainability of our environment and communities

Do I need a permit if I want to trim and shape my hedges?

No. You're allowed to maintain the shape of your hedges. It's important to consider hiring a professional and qualified arborist to carry out the work though, otherwise you might end up with an uneven hedge.

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