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How we service Broadleaf trees

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At Trav’s Tree Services, we are committed to the health, beauty, and longevity of your broadleaf trees. Our knowledgeable and skilled professionals ensure that each task is executed with precision, utilising the latest industry techniques and equipment. Plus, we take pride in preserving the natural beauty of your broadleaf trees while addressing any concerns you may have, ensuring the safety of your property and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your landscape. Choose Trav's Tree Services for unparalleled expertise and care in broadleaf tree services today.

Harnessed arborist removing a tree

Elm tree 

Elm trees, known for their elegant, arching branches and serrated leaves, are a distinctive and beloved addition to many landscapes. These hardwood trees are recognised for their resilience and adaptability, making them a common sight in various regions. Often used in local councils and properties, elm trees require careful attention to flourish all year round. 

  • Elm tree removal 
  • Elm tree pruning 
  • Elm tree trimming 
  • Elm tree removal 
  • Elm tree mulching
  • Elm tree maintenance 

With a deep understanding of the unique needs of elm trees, our team of arborists are committed to securing their health and longevity. Whether it's addressing issues related to Dutch elm disease and broken branches, conducting regular pruning to maintain their shape and health, or providing expert guidance on planting and caring for new elms, we offer a comprehensive suite of services.

Oak tree

Oak trees, with their stately presence and distinctive lobed leaves, are a symbol of strength and endurance in the world of trees. These magnificent hardwoods are renowned for their longevity, often living for centuries. While they have a long lifespan, it’s important they receive maintenance when needed to continue their healthy growth.

From expert pruning and maintenance to protect their structural integrity to addressing diseases and pests that may threaten them, we ensure that your oaks thrive for generations to come. Additionally, our services encompass tree planting, transplanting, and care consultations for young oaks, allowing us to share our passion for these majestic trees and assist in their continued vitality. 

Oak tree services
  • Oak tree removal
  • Oak tree pruning
  • Oak tree trimming 
  • Oak tree stump removal 
  • Oak tree mulching
  • Oak tree maintenance

Birch tree 

Birch trees, with their delicate, papery bark and gracefully drooping branches, are a captivating and iconic presence in temperate forests and landscapes. Their distinctive white or silver bark makes them stand out year-round, adding a touch of elegance to any environment. Birch trees are known for their resilience and adaptability, thriving in a variety of soil conditions and climates. Ensure your birch trees stay their strongest with precise care solutions. 

  • Birch tree removal 
  • Birch tree pruning
  • Birch tree trimming
  • Birch tree stump removal 
  • Birch tree mulching 
  • Birch tree planting and maintenance 

At Trav’s Tree Services, our commitment lies not only in enhancing the aesthetic value of your property but also in safeguarding the ecological benefits that birch trees bring to their surroundings. When it comes to birch tree care, you can trust in our expertise and dedication.

Tree specialist trimming a tall tree

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Arborists removing equipment from van

Frangipani tree 

Frangipani trees are a tropical delight with their waxy, fragrant blossoms and lush green foliage. These small to medium-sized trees are adored for their stunning and aromatic flowers, which come in various colours, including shades of white, pink, and yellow. To keep the paradise feeling alive in your garden, it’s best to support these young trees with professional care and maintenance services. 

  • Frangipani tree removal 
  • Frangipani tree pruning 
  • Frangipani tree trimming 
  • Frangipani tree stump removal
  • Frangipani tree mulching 
  • Frangipani tree planting and maintenance    

Whether you want to enhance your garden's tropical allure with these fragrant blooms or require professional guidance on their care, our services offer comprehensive solutions. We take pride in preserving the exotic beauty and sweet fragrance of frangipani trees, ensuring they thrive and continue to grace your outdoor spaces with their alluring presence. So, choose Trav’s Tree Services for expert frangipani tree care today.


Pittosporum trees, known for their evergreen foliage and ornamental value, are a versatile and popular choice in landscaping and gardens. These hardy trees and shrubs come in various species and offer different shapes and sizes, making them suitable for a wide range of landscape designs. Keep your pittosporum trees in top condition with maintenance from Trav’s Tree Services. 

Our pittosporum tree services are dedicated to the care and enhancement of these versatile and ornamental trees and shrubs. From expert pruning to remove dying branches and encourage healthy growth to pest and disease management to ensure their vitality, our services cater to all aspects of pittosporum tree care.

Pittosporum tree services
  • Pittosporum tree removal 
  • Pittosporum tree pruning 
  • Pittosporum tree trimming
  • Pittosporum tree stump removal
  • Pittosporum tree mulching
  • Pittosporum tree planting and maintenance 

Maple tree 

Maple trees, known for their stunning autumn foliage and the iconic shape of their leaves, are cherished for their natural beauty and versatility. These deciduous trees come in various species and are celebrated for their vibrant red, orange, and yellow leaves during the autumn season. Beyond their ornamental appeal, maple trees are famous for producing maple syrup. To ensure your maple trees continue to supply this delicious treat, opt for quality care services. 

  • Maple tree removal
  • Maple tree pruning
  • Maple tree trimming
  • Maple tree stump removal 
  • Maple tree mulching
  • Maple tree planting and maintenance

Whether you have maples gracing your landscape for their shade, vibrant colours, or the potential for producing your own maple syrup, our services are designed to help you get the most from these wonderful trees. Trust in our expertise and passion for maples to ensure they remain a valuable and cherished part of your property.

Tree expert assisting a harnessed arborist

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Tree specialist transporting stumps

Poplar tree

With a wide range of species, poplars offer different leaf shapes, colours, and sizes, making them suitable for diverse planting needs. These trees are known for their resilience and ability to thrive in various climates, making them a popular choice for both urban and rural settings. They are commonly seen in parks and require professional maintenance to keep them healthy.  

  • Poplar tree removal 
  • Poplar tree pruning 
  • Poplar tree trimming
  • Poplar tree stump removal
  • Poplar tree mulching
  • Poplar tree planting and maintenance 

Whether you have poplars for their rapid growth, wood production, or landscape beauty, our services are geared towards helping you make the most of these valuable and adaptable trees. From pruning lower branches to disposing of the trunk of the tree, we provide poplar tree services that will benefit your overall landscape.

Willow tree

Willow trees, with their graceful, weeping branches and slender leaves, are a symbol of tranquillity and natural beauty. These deciduous trees are renowned for their elegant aesthetics and are often associated with serene waterscapes. Keep the beauty of willow trees alive all year round with help from Trav’s Tree Services.

We take pride in safeguarding the charm and ecological role of willow trees, ensuring they continue to thrive in your outdoor spaces. That’s why we offer a range of practical services. This includes pruning trees, removing damaged branches, decaying tree removal, and overall maintenance. 

Willow tree services
  • Willow tree removal 
  • Willow tree pruning 
  • Willow tree trimming
  • Willow tree stump removal
  • Willow tree mulching
  • Willow tree planting and maintenance

Chestnut tree

Chestnut trees, celebrated for their majestic size and the bounty of sweet, edible nuts they produce, are a symbol of abundance and tradition. However, chestnut trees have faced challenges due to the chestnut blight disease, which has significantly reduced their numbers. Despite this, efforts to revive and preserve these magnificent trees continue. Ensure your chestnut trees remain thriving and healthy with Trav’s Tree Services. 

  • Chestnut tree removal 
  • Chestnut tree pruning 
  • Chestnut tree trimming
  • Chestnut tree stump removal
  • Chestnut tree mulching
  • Chestnut tree planting and maintenance

Our services are dedicated to the care and revival of these iconic trees, known for their historical significance and culinary value. With a team of experienced arborists, we understand the unique challenges faced by chestnut trees. Therefore, our services include disease management, pruning, and maintenance to promote their longevity.

Arborist mulching tree branches

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Robinia tree

Jacaranda tree

Jacaranda trees are renowned for their breathtaking display of vibrant purple-blue blossoms, which blanket the branches in early spring, creating a mesmerising sight. They are a stunning addition to homes, local councils, parks, and outdoor commercial areas. Trav’s Tree Services offers quality jacaranda care solutions that will keep your trees in the best condition possible. 

  • Jacaranda tree removal 
  • Jacaranda tree pruning 
  • Jacaranda tree trimming
  • Jacaranda tree stump removal
  • Jacaranda tree mulching
  • Jacaranda tree planting and maintenance

Our services encompass precise pruning to maintain their elegant form, promote healthy growth, and ensure a bountiful display of flowers. We also provide guidance on the right soil conditions and care to maximise the vibrancy of these captivating trees. Whether you have jacaranda trees for their aesthetic charm or are interested in introducing them to your outdoor space, our services are designed to make your environment burst with the enchanting beauty that jacaranda trees bring.

Robinia trees are known for their elegant leaves and clusters of fragrant, pea-like flowers. With their graceful, arching branches and thorn-covered trunks, they add a touch of sophistication to landscapes. However, despite their attractive features, some robinia species can be invasive, which requires careful management.

Pruning is a fundamental part of our services, aimed at preserving the graceful form and health of your robinia trees. Our skilled arborists will carefully assess each tree's structure, ensuring that it maintains its elegance while promoting healthy growth. Proper pruning also helps in managing any invasive tendencies and preventing potential hazards.

Robinia tree services

  • Robinia tree removal 
  • Robinia tree pruning 
  • Robinia tree trimming
  • Robinia tree stump removal
  • Robinia tree mulching
  • Robinia tree planting and maintenance 

Mulberry tree

Mulberry trees, with their broad, heart-shaped leaves and sweet, juicy fruits, are a delightful addition to gardens and landscapes. These deciduous trees come in various species, each offering a unique blend of colours and flavours in their berries, which are beloved by humans and wildlife alike. Keep your mulberry trees at their best with our range of care services. 

  • Mulberry tree removal 
  • Mulberry tree pruning 
  • Mulberry tree trimming
  • Mulberry tree stump removal
  • Mulberry tree mulching
  • Mulberry tree planting and maintenance 

Whether you have mulberry trees for their sweet harvest, shade, or ornamental value, our services are tailored to meet your specific needs. Trust in our expertise and commitment to these special trees and enjoy their lasting presence in your landscape.

Arborists securing a tree stump

Frequently Asked Questions

Read common questions about our services to help you better understand the importance of managing and caring for broadleaf trees.

When is broadleaf tree removal necessary?

Broadleaf tree removal becomes necessary under various circumstances. One of the primary reasons is when a tree is severely diseased or infested with pests, and there is no viable way to save it, as it could jeopardise the health of other trees in proximity. Additionally, if a broadleaf tree exhibits structural instability, with rotting or damaged branches or trunks, it may pose a significant safety risk and require removal to prevent accidents or property damage. 

When to prune broadleaf trees in Melbourne?

In Melbourne, it's generally recommended to prune broadleaf trees during the late winter or early spring. Pruning during this period, before the trees enter their active growth phase, helps minimise stress on the tree and reduces the risk of disease transmission through fresh wounds. However, specific pruning timing may vary depending on the tree species and its health condition, so it's advisable to consult with a local arborist, such as Trav’s Tree Services, to determine the best timing for your particular broadleaf tree. 

What are common broadleaf tree maintenance services?

Broadleaf tree maintenance services typically include pruning to remove dead or damaged branches, promoting healthy growth, and ensuring tree safety. Services may also involve pest and disease management, mulching, and regular health assessments to keep the tree thriving. Additionally, general tree care like fertilisation and watering guidance may be provided as needed, depending on the specific needs of the tree and the environment in which it grows.

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