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Trav's Tree Services is your premier destination for exotic tree services that go beyond the ordinary. With a passion for preserving the beauty and uniqueness of exotic trees, our team of certified arborists and tree care experts offer a wide range of specialised services to meet the distinct needs of these exceptional tree types. Whether you have rare, tropical, or non-native trees on your property, we have the knowledge, experience, and state-of-the-art equipment required to provide comprehensive care when it’s needed most.

Tree specialists transporting tree debris to the mulcher

Exotic plants 

Exotic plants, often characterised by their unique and captivating features, add an enchanting touch to any garden or indoor space. These botanical wonders come from diverse regions around the world, boasting unusual shapes and vibrant colours. However, exotic plants can be a delightful challenge for gardeners, requiring special care and attention due to their specific environmental needs. 

  • Exotic plants and tree removal 
  • Exotic plants and tree pruning 
  • Exotic plant hedge trimming 
  • Dead stump removal 
  • Exotic plants and tree mulching
  • Exotic plants and tree maintenance 

From precise pruning and disease management to custom soil and nutrient treatments, we are committed to ensuring your exotic plants and trees thrive in their new environments. Contact Trav’s Tree Services for all your exotic plant and tree needs. 

Palm tree

Palm trees, with their iconic silhouette and tropical allure, are nature's symbol of sun-soaked paradises and exotic landscapes. These trees bring a touch of the tropics to any environment. Plus, palms offer not only aesthetic appeal but also practical uses, providing shade, coconuts, and a habitat for various wildlife. However, they also require careful maintenance to flourish all year round.

At Trav’s Tree Services, we are committed to ensuring your palm trees remain healthy, vibrant, and continue to be a focal point of your outdoor space. With a deep appreciation for palm trees, we take pride in providing top-notch services that keep these natural wonders at their best.

Palm tree services
  • Palm tree removal
  • Palm tree pruning
  • Palm hedge trimming 
  • Palm tree stump removal 
  • Palm tree mulching
  • Palm tree maintenance 


Yucca trees, with their distinctive rosette of sword-like leaves and dramatic flower spikes, are resilient and visually striking additions to any landscape. These hardy, drought-tolerant plants are known for their adaptability, thriving in arid, desert environments and beyond. At Trav’s Trees, we understand the challenges of yucca tree maintenance and provide the following. 

  • Yucca tree removal 
  • Yucca tree pruning
  • Yucca tree trimming
  • Yucca tree stump removal 
  • Yucca tree mulching 
  • Yucca tree planting and maintenance 

Whether you have yuccas enhancing your arid garden or as eye-catching features in your landscape design, our yucca tree services are committed to preserving their distinctive beauty and rugged charm. We understand the importance of these resilient plants and are dedicated to helping them thrive in their unique environments.

Tree removal experts unloading equipment from their van

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Tree removal and pruning tools

Birds of paradise 

Named after their striking, bird-like flower shape, these trees offer an intriguing and captivating aesthetic. With their large, paddle-shaped leaves and vibrant, orange and blue blossoms, they resemble birds in flight, adding a touch of the exotic to any garden or indoor space. To keep these trees in top condition, they require specialised care from professionals. 

  • Birds of paradise tree removal 
  • Birds of paradise pruning 
  • Birds of paradise trimming 
  • Birds of paradise stump removal
  • Birds of paradise mulching 
  • Birds of paradise planting and maintenance    

Whether it's expert pruning, disease prevention, or customised soil management, we ensure that your birds of paradise plant or tree remains healthy. With a passion for these exotic plants, our services are designed to keep them flourishing, making them a centrepiece of your landscape.

Bamboo tree 

In gardens and landscapes, bamboo trees are favoured for their elegant, slender culms and lush foliage, creating a serene and tranquil ambience. Their unique ability to thrive in diverse climates and conditions adds to their appeal, making them a symbol of resilience and harmony in the natural world. To keep your bamboo trees in the best condition possible, we offer the following services. 

We provide services that include bamboo management, pruning, and maintenance, fostering healthy growth and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of these unique plants. With a deep appreciation for bamboo's resilience and environmental benefits, our bamboo tree services are committed to preserving its natural charm and sustainable qualities in your landscape.

Bamboo tree services
  • Bamboo tree removal 
  • Bamboo tree pruning 
  • Bamboo hedge trimming
  • Bamboo tree stump removal
  • Bamboo tree mulching
  • Bamboo tree planting and maintenance 

Cabbage tree 

These striking trees are characterised by their tall, slender trunks and a cluster of long, sword-shaped leaves at the top, resembling a cabbage. These hardy trees are also known for their ability to withstand challenging environmental conditions, adding to their charm and appeal in various settings. However, they still require routine maintenance and management services. 

  • Cabbage tree removal
  • Cabbage tree pruning
  • Cabbage hedge trimming
  • Cabbage tree stump removal 
  • Cabbage tree mulching
  • Cabbage tree planting and maintenance 

We recognise the cultural significance and ornamental beauty of cabbage trees, and our team of skilled arborists are dedicated to their care and maintenance. Whether you have cabbage trees enhancing your landscape or garden, we offer specialised services that encompass pruning, disease management, and soil care, ensuring that these unique trees remain healthy.

Arborist removing a large tree branch

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore common questions and concerns about our services to help you better understand the importance of managing and caring for tropical plants, palms and exotic trees on your property.

When is exotic tree removal necessary?

Exotic tree removal becomes necessary when these non-native or invasive species pose a threat to the local ecosystem, native flora, or even human safety. Invasive exotic trees can outcompete and displace native plants, disrupting the balance of the ecosystem. They may also be more susceptible to diseases, which can spread to other trees, and their roots can damage infrastructure or utilities. In cases where exotic trees have become a nuisance or are causing harm, it's essential to consider their removal to protect the environment and maintain the overall health of the ecosystem.

How to prune exotic trees?

Start by removing dead or diseased branches to promote overall tree vitality. Focus on maintaining the tree's natural shape and eliminating any crossing branches that may cause damage or root rot. Keep in mind that pruning should be done during the appropriate season, typically in late winter or early spring, to minimise stress on the tree. When working with exotic trees, it's essential to research and understand the specific requirements of the species, as some may have particular needs. If you're uncertain, contact Trav’s Tree Services - the experts in exotic tree care. 

How intensive is maintenance for exotic plants and trees?

The intensity of maintenance for exotic plants and trees can vary widely depending on the specific species and environmental conditions. Some exotic species are low-maintenance and require minimal care, while others may demand more attention. Maintenance tasks may include regular watering, fertilising for soil moisture, pest and disease management, and pruning. Monitoring soil quality, light exposure, and climate compatibility is crucial. At Trav’s Tree Services, we’ll assess the health of your exotic tree and implement the necessary care solutions to keep it flourishing in its natural habitat.

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