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Trav's Tree Services offers a specialised and comprehensive range of fruit tree services that cater to the unique needs of orchard owners, garden enthusiasts, and anyone looking to enhance the health and productivity of their fruit-bearing trees. With a team of skilled arborists, Trav's Tree Services is committed to ensuring the vitality of your fruit trees by providing meticulous solutions. Whether seeking to maximise your harvest, revitalise an aging orchard, or simply want your fruit trees to thrive, we’re here to help. 

Arborist transporting a fallen stump

Apple tree 

Apple trees are one of the most iconic and widely cultivated fruit trees around the world. Known for their delicious, crisp fruit, apple trees come in a diverse range of varieties, offering many flavours, colours, and uses. However, regular care and maintenance are paramount in keeping your apple trees thriving and producing the best quality fruit possible. 

  • Apple tree removal 
  • Apple tree pruning 
  • Apple tree trimming 
  • Apple tree removal 
  • Apple tree mulching
  • Apple tree maintenance 

With a team of experienced arborists, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including expert pruning to enhance fruit production, disease and pest management to protect the health of your trees, and tailored fertilisation to optimise their growth. We understand that every apple tree is unique, and we take a personalised approach to address the specific needs of your orchard.

Pear tree

Pear trees have a rich history, and their fruits are not only cherished for their taste but also for their potential health benefits, as they are a good source of dietary fibre and essential nutrients. They are a popular choice for many gardens as they produce fruit that is enjoyable throughout the year. To maintain the health of your pear trees, we recommend the following services. 

Whether you're a commercial grower or a homeowner with a few pear trees, we are committed to helping you achieve abundant harvests and maintain the overall vitality and aesthetics of your pear trees, ensuring they continue to flourish and yield delicious, high-quality pears for years to come.

Pear tree services
  • Pear tree removal
  • Pear tree pruning
  • Pear tree trimming 
  • Pear tree stump removal 
  • Pear tree mulching
  • Pear tree maintenance 

Plum tree 

Plum trees are celebrated for their sweet and succulent fruits. These deciduous fruit trees come in various species and cultivars, offering a spectrum of plum colours, flavours, and uses. With endless possibilities attached to what you can do with your plums, it’s important to ensure your plum trees are treated with respect. Trav’s Tree Services offers fruit tree pruning and other care solutions to keep your plum tree in top condition. 

  • Plum tree removal 
  • Plum tree pruning
  • Plum tree trimming
  • Plum tree stump removal 
  • Plum tree mulching 
  • Plum tree planting and maintenance 

Backed by a team of experienced arborists, we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to cater to the unique needs of your plum trees. Our services include precise pruning techniques to stimulate fruit production, efficient planting and maintenance, and careful fertilisation to ensure your growing fruit trees remain healthy.

Tree specialists clearing tree debris from a residential garden

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Arborists pushing tree trunks through the mulcher

Olive tree 

These evergreen trees boast silvery-grey leaves and small, green to black olives. Olive trees have a remarkable ability to withstand challenging climates, including arid conditions, and are known for their longevity, with some trees living for centuries. To ensure your olive species turns into a mature tree, get regular maintenance from Trav’s Tree Services. 

  • Olive tree removal 
  • Olive tree pruning 
  • Olive tree trimming 
  • Olive tree stump removal
  • Olive tree mulching 
  • Olive tree planting and maintenance    

Whether you're a commercial olive grower or an enthusiast with a few olive trees, we are dedicated to helping you achieve abundant harvests of high-quality olives and maintaining the overall health and beauty of your olive trees. With our expert care, your olive trees will continue to thrive all year long.

Apricot tree 

Apricot trees are cherished for their sweet and juicy apricot fruits. These deciduous trees are characterised by their pink or white blossoms in early spring, making them a delightful addition to any garden. Apricot trees are valued for their adaptability and ability to thrive in diverse climates, producing bountiful harvests. To ensure this continues, get quality tree care from Trav’s Tree Services.  

Our apricot tree services are dedicated to ensuring the well-being and productivity of your apricot orchard or individual apricot trees. With a team of skilled arborists on the team, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to the specific needs of apricot trees. This includes getting rid of dead branches, fertilising soil, and more.

Apricot tree services
  • Apricot tree removal 
  • Apricot tree pruning 
  • Apricot tree trimming
  • Apricot tree stump removal
  • Apricot tree mulching
  • Apricot tree planting and maintenance 

Peach tree 

Peach trees are known for their adaptability to different climates and ability to produce abundant harvests, making them a popular choice among home gardeners and commercial orchardists alike. With a rich history and a taste that embodies the essence of summer, peach trees are a cherished addition to fruit-bearing landscapes. Keep your peach trees thriving with the following services. 

  • Peach tree removal
  • Peach tree pruning
  • Peach tree trimming
  • Peach tree stump removal 
  • Peach tree mulching
  • Peach tree planting and maintenance 

We are committed to helping commercial growers and homeowners achieve abundant harvests year after year. Therefore, we provide various services that maintain the overall well-being and aesthetics of your peach trees. With our expert care, your peach trees will continue to flourish, ensuring a consistent supply of succulent peaches. 

Tree specialist securing a large trunk

Going the extra mile

Harnessed arborist pruning tree branches

Lemon tree

Lemon trees are renowned for their vibrant yellow fruits and zesty, aromatic flavour. These evergreen trees are adorned with glossy green leaves and fragrant white blossoms, creating a refreshing and picturesque addition to any garden. Allow your lemon tree to create beautiful harvests year after year by ensuring they get the proper care and maintenance. 

  • Lemon tree removal 
  • Lemon tree pruning 
  • Lemon tree trimming
  • Lemon tree stump removal
  • Lemon tree mulching
  • Lemon tree planting and maintenance 

Our skilled arborists are well-versed in the art of pruning, employing precise techniques to enhance fruit production and maintain the desired shape of your lemon trees. We also provide tree removal services when necessary, ensuring that any damaged or diseased lemon trees are safely and efficiently removed from your property. When it comes to securing the health of your lemon trees, trust Trav’s Tree Services.

Loquat tree

Beyond their culinary appeal, loquat trees are valued for their resilience and adaptability, making them a sought-after addition to home gardens and landscapes. Their fruiting season and enticing taste make them a favourite among fruit enthusiasts and gardeners. We care for loquat trees with the following services. 

At Trav’s Trees Services, our precise pruning techniques are tailored to enhance fruit production and maintain the desired shape and aesthetics of your loquat trees. In cases where tree removal is necessary, we offer swift services to address damaged or diseased loquat trees, ensuring minimal disruption to your property. Contact us today for our care solutions.

Loquat tree services 
  • Loquat tree removal 
  • Loquat tree pruning 
  • Loquat tree trimming
  • Loquat tree stump removal
  • Loquat tree mulching
  • Loquat tree planting and maintenance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore common questions about our services to help you better understand the importance of managing and caring for fruit trees.

When is fruit tree removal necessary?

The primary reasons for fruit tree removal include severe disease infestations that cannot be effectively treated, extensive pest damage, or the presence of hazardous structural issues such as a weakened or unstable tree trunk. Additionally, fruit tree removal may be warranted when a tree has reached the end of its productive life cycle, and its fruit quality and yield significantly decline. 

When to prune fruit trees in Melbourne?

Pruning fruit trees in Melbourne is most effectively done during the winter months. This dormant period is ideal because it minimises stress on the trees and reduces the risk of disease transmission. However, the specific timing within this window may vary depending on the type of fruit tree and its age. For deciduous fruit trees like apples and pears, it's best to prune in the heart of winter, around July. Stone fruit trees, such as peaches and plums, should be pruned slightly earlier, in June, to reduce the risk of disease infection. 

What is included in fruit tree maintenance services?

Fruit tree maintenance services from Trav’s Trees include a range of essential care tasks, such as regular pruning and shaping to encourage fruit production, improve air circulation, and maintain the tree's structural integrity. Disease and pest management is another vital component, involving preventive measures, monitoring, and treatment to safeguard tree health. Similarly, mulching, seasonal inspections, and overall tree health assessments are often part of maintenance services, allowing for early detection and mitigation of potential issues. 

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