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What are the costs of tree pruning?

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Trav's Tree Services
September 29, 2021
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Your complete guide to tree trimming costs

The costs of tree trimming will be determined by a range of factors, and largely boil down to how long the entire tree pruning process will take.

Some factors that influence the cost of tree pruning include:

  1. The size of the tree being trimmed
  2. Type of tree pruning service
  3. External factors
  4. Other miscellaneous costs and variables

If you're ready to get your trees pruned by a professional, get in touch with Trav's Trees. Our experts can assess your property and give you an accurate quote for tree pruning.

How much does tree pruning cost?

Tree trimming can cost between $75 for small jobs, and well over $2,000 for larger specimens. The average cost for tree trimming is around $500. If you're looking for accurate costs on tree trimming in Melbourne, get in touch with Trav's Trees.

What affects tree pruning costs?

tree pruning

Several things affect the bottom line of how much tree pruning will cost you. Understanding these factors will help you to form a rough idea of how much tree trimming will cost in the end.

1. Size of the tree being trimmed

Here are some rough estimates of how much it costs to prune trees based on their size:

  • Small tree, up to 1 storey high: $250 – $400
  • Medium tree, 2 storeys and over: $350 – $550
  • Large tree, 3 storeys and over: $600 – $1,000
  • Extra large trees, over 6 storeys: $900 – $2,000

The larger the tree, the more time it takes to remove the branches. More safety precautions need to be considered when working at a height.

2. Type of tree pruning service

Tree pruning as a service is far more complex than simply lopping off branches every few years or so. There are a range of techniques and services to choose from that can impact the cost of tree pruning.

Dead limb removal

This is the quintessential tree pruning service that removes any dead branches from the tree. It is generally one of the cheaper tree pruning services, and should be performed at least once a year.

Crown thinning

Crown thinning removes small, weak limbs from the upper canopy of the tree, allowing more light and air to filter down to the shaded branches below. It can also lighten the load on the trunk and larger limbs, which can help prevent damage in storms or wind.

Crown reduction

This is a fairly exhaustive tree pruning service that trims and thins the entire crown of the tree. If your tree is getting too tall, we can remove small branches attached to larger branches to reduce the load on the rest of the tree. Crown reduction is best performed when the tree is young.

Crown lifting

Lifting the crown of the tree involves pruning the low-hanging branches that are putting stress on higher branches. this is an ideal solution for trees that are hanging over the road, fences, or even your house. Like crown reduction, this is best performed on younger trees.


Pollarding is the process of removing most of the branches of a tree, leaving the main branches connected to the stump. This service can only be performed on certain types of trees, and must be actioned with care to maintain the health of the tree.

3. External factors

Assessment of tree removal costs is largely dependent on favourable external factors. For example, adverse weather can affect how long it takes to prune all the trees on your property. Some weather events may cancel the job altogether, including:

  • Heavy winds with no breaks
  • Fierce rain and thunderstorms
  • Heatwaves

To keep costs low, your onsite tree pruning team will always endeavour to have the job completed as quickly as possible.

4. Other costs

There are a number of other costs associated with tree pruning that you may not have considered just yet.

Green waste removal can be extremely costly. Some deadwood can be used as firewood, of course, but if this isn't a desire of yours, then all the branches must be discarded. Leaf matter can also add up. The green waste removal process can be discussed before the job is started.

Some trees even fall under heritage overlays, meaning that they cannot be removed or even pruned without prior council approval. This is an extremely important point for owners of older trees. If you believe your tree falls under a heritage overlay, get in touch with your local city council for a permit.

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