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Bayside council tree removal

Learn about local tree laws in Bayside

If you want to get rid of a dead, dangerous, or unwanted tree in Monash council, you may need to get a tree removal permit.

Applying for a tree removal permit

Send us an enquiry, and we'll find out whether or not you need a permit.

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Applying for a tree removal permit in Bayside council

In Bayside, the council requires you to apply for a permit to remove a tree or vegetation on your property in these 3 situations:

  1. Your property has an existing planning permit, heritage overlay or significant landscape overlay. You can see if your property is protected by a heritage overlay or a significant landscape overlay on the VicPlan website.
  2. The vegetation is native and in the VPO3 area.
  3. For other trees on private property that do not match the above criteria.

These are just some of the criteria in which you will need a permit before tree removal in Bayside can occur.

Council requirements

The council itself advises that you seek the professional advice of a qualified arborist before applying for a tree removal permit in Bayside. Contact us and we'll identify your trees for you and assist on the permit process to make your life a whole lot easier.

Wide range of services

Wide range of services

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Safety comes first

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a tree removal permit if a tree is on private property?

If your tree is not protected by an existing planning permit, heritage overlay, significant landscape overlay or vegetation protection overlay, you may need a local laws permit if the following is true:

  • The tree has a single or combined trunk circumference greater than 155cm measured at 1m above ground level.
  • The tree planted in accordance with the replacement planting condition of a Local Law permit; or
  • The tree is listed on the Bayside council Significant Tree Register.

How can I tell if my tree is native or introduced?

It can be difficult to tell if your tree is native, but don't worry. Our experienced arborists are trained to identify trees and can advise you on the species and whether it is protected by Bayside council.

Do ferns, palms and other non-woody trees require a tree removal permit?

These do not require a permit as they do not meet the definition of a tree as outlined by the council.

Do I need a permit to prune a tree?

If your tree pruning is done by a qualified arborist in line with Australian Standard 4373-2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees, you do not require a permit. However, if you are pruning a tree yourself, you may require a permit if the tree is of a particular size, species or significant.

Do you need help with your trees?

Contact us to learn more about the permit application process and if you need a tree removal permit in Bayside.

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